Pattern Play: How to mix it up!
by Lacy Anise

Have you ever wondered how those chic fashion bloggers pair together two wildly different patterned fabrics and still look so effortless and put-together? Has there been a time where you’re flipping through the home decor section of the latest anthropology catalog and thought to yourself, “How the hell to they do that?!”

Well I sure have, and through a lot (and I mean A LOT) of trial and error i’ve learned a few tricks of the mix and match trade. Here’s are some basic tips and guidelines to master the art of pattern play:


Use different scales.

Pairing a floral print with stripes is fine as long as the scales of each pattern are different. Choose a thin striped top or sweater to wear with a bold floral print skirt or shorts! (I like to think that stripes count as a neutral)


Keep prints in the same color family or use similar prints.

There needs to be something that ties the two patterns together. A splash of the same color in each of your different patterned throw pillows can tie a room together. The other option is to use similar prints. If nautical is the theme, pair together a few striped pillows in different colors (that follow our scale rule of course.) and don’t be afraid to add different textures into the mix!


Break up the patterns.

Head to toe prints are a no no! If you’re going to flaunt multiple patterns its a good idea to break them up by showing a little skin, wearing a solid print or using accessories! I love to rock crop tops with high waisted maxi skirts. Separating two different prints with a little skin in between or adding a crisp white jacket into the mix helps avoid an overwhelming pattern situation. Belts in neutral colors are also great if you’re not so into the crop top trend!


Don’t over do it.

Lastly, don’t go overboard. No need to match your headband to your pants, and shoes Pattern play is all about adding a little funk and fun to your personal style. Matchy, matchy looks are a thing of the past.


Well there you have it, everything you need to know to start incorporating some pattern play into your daily outfits and your home. Remember to have fun, stay true to your style, and always always, wear with confidence! Leave us a comment below on how you like to mix it up!


Lacy Anise

Lacy is a self taught mermaid with a style all her own; an appetite for adventure and a thirst for travel. Lover of ethnic cuisine, sun-kissed skin, crystals, and anything coconut. She’s a firm believer in self love with a passion for spreading body positive messages to the young ladies of the world.

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