palm reading made easy
by Laura Lombardi

Thus he that nature richly understands,

May from each line imprinted in his hands,
His future fate and fortune come to know,
And in what path it is his feet shall go;
His secret inclinations he may see,
And to what vice he shall addicted be.
To th’ end that when he looks into his hand
He may upon his guard the better stand,
And turn his wandering steps another way
Whene’er he finds he does from virtue stray. – Aristotle

Though it seems like a trick used by gypsies and fortune tellers, the art of palm reading actually has more of it’s origins based in science than ya may think.  Aristotle was actually the first to bring the laws of palmistry to light by noting that the features in the palm are a result of nervous and muscular interplay driven by the brain.  Every millisecond countless nerve impulses from your brain connect with the muscles in your hand causing them to be in constant flection – creating a shifting movement that is invisible to see with your eyes.  Which means that with all that goes on in our conscious and unconscious mind, there may be more of a detailed map in your hands than you’d think.



Before you study what they hold, you need to pick a hand. Whichever your predominate hand is will be the hand that matches up most accurately with your reality.  This is the hand that is showing you what you are doing with your life.  The other hand is what some call the hand of destiny – it is where your potential is held.  Depending on you, these two hands can be very similar or nothing alike.  If you’d prefer to have more of the qualities in your potential hand, the good news is, they are there waiting for you when you are ready.


Deals with career, matters of the mind and tangible things such as math, what to say in that email to your boss and when/how you book your plane tickets.

  • If it’s straight: You’ve got the gift of seeing the silver lining.  Your glass is half full and probably with water that you’ll use to do something rad.
  • If it’s long: You like to get things done quick and are to the point.  The water in your glass is icy cold or boiling, lukewarm is not your thang.
  • If it’s short: You probably have a favorite yoga studio where everyone knows and loves ya and you stick to your routine.  Your glass of water is half full and you are happy with it just the way it is.
  • If it’s faint: You may still be searching for exactly what it is that gives you purpose.  Your glass has water in it, you just aren’t sure how much.
  • If it’s thick:  Time to organize.  You have the water… Now it’s time to put it all into one glass.
  • If there’s an island (a little oval on the main line):  When is the last time you gave yourself a break?  This is the sign of a workaholic… Take a sip of your water, you’ve earned it.
  • If it begins to fork at the start:  You’re doing double duty, playing the angel and devil in your own life… Keeping up with two versions of you.  The glass is half empty in the morning and half full by sun down.


No surprises here… This line deals with your sweet, loving heart.  Emotions, how you feel when you see your ex with his new girl and how you show your new man love all can be clued into here.

  • If it’s long: Passion. Passion. Passion.  You love, sometimes perhaps too much too soon… But that’s okay.  Just make sure you let people and life love you back.  You share with anyone who needs water and sometimes struggle to keep it half full.
  • If it’s chained: Sweetheart, do you.  You tend to give other people your power at hello.  Hold your star and you will always see the light.  Who has your glass?
  • If there are islands: These are times you felt abandoned or alone.  Fear not, you probably now have the strength you need thanks to these little moments in time.  Turns out your glass was half full all along.
  • If it begins with a fork:  In tarot, you would be the justice card.  You can see beyond the moment and call it like it is.  There is a glass and there is water in the glass and anything else is someone else’s opinion.
  • If there are lines cutting through it:  When it comes to your love life, there have been plenty of frustrations and disappointments.  Will your glass ever be full?


Contrary to popular belief/fear this does not measure the length of your life, but rather the way you’ll live it.  With balance and ease, a constant search for home base or the will power of a monk.  Your quality and depth of life lie ahead.

  • If it’s deep: Your inner strength allows you to handle whatever comes your way, but sometimes it can be tough to always have so much on your plate.  The universe is within you and people can see it by the way you move through the storm.  Your coffee mug is always full.
  • If it’s thin:  Those walls you’ve built up protect you from all the scary things out there in the world, but they also may keep you from experiencing the good ones.  Don’t be afraid to break the safety seal and drink your water, it’s clean.
  • If it’s faint: You haven’t started to explore all the things you’ve put on your Pinterest board yet, but what are you waiting for? That full glass is just sitting there waiting for you to enjoy it.
  • If it’s chained: Handle with care.  You’re more delicate than some may seem and words can absolutely hurt you.  Things can be overwhelming and leave a more.  Be careful with your thin crystal glass or it will crack and the water will leak out.
  • If it’s long:  You’ve been given a golden ticket, but that doesn’t mean things will be magical without you.  Keep doing your yoga, eating your veggies and passing on that smile and life will give you reasons to keep smiling.  You have free refills, you just have to get up and grab em.

Perhaps there is a science to navigating through reading palms… Of course, mixing a little bit of magic into the equation never hurts. Now that you have this basic map to discover where your lines are leading you, where it take you is in your hands.


Laura Lombardi

Laura is an insatiable world traveler and adventurer. She has most recently explored New Zealand, Bali and Nepal studying ancient texts and learning from locals. She currently resides in NYC where she strives to apply those teachings as well as the many lessons she has learned from Sex and the City.

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