New Year, Do You: A Manifesting Manifesto
by Laura Lombardi

It’s finally time to tell the year buh-bye. Which means many of us will list out a new version of the same old goals we’ve set the past few years and never gotten around to, only this year will be different… But, will it? I’m not trying to be negative, but how many New Year’s resolutions have changed your life? Don’t get me wrong; any holiday where we collectively take a minute to review how things are going and set intentions to evolve is a-okay in my book… But perhaps it’s time for a new kind of approach to this whole thing. The slogan I always see is “New year, new you.” It’s the ideal time for gyms and diet plans to try and lure you in, assuring you that is the chance to be a better version of you, simply by doing all the things you always could, but never have. However, from my experience this has proved to be complete bullshit as I fail all of my January attempts, ultimately feeling worse in February then I did in December. So, I propose we attempt to alter this mantra to: “New year, do you.”

What if we stopped listening to them, and tapped in to what we feel is true for us? How much lighter would this starting point feel if instead of making a list of all the things we should be doing, we made a list of the ones that we are? If we listened to what we felt like creating, rather than comparing ourselves to what everyone else is achieving? How much more abundance would we bring in if we simply said, “thank you” for all we have? How would it feel to take a second and look at how all those moments that frightened us ended up working out, and how we survived the things that could have broken us? What if we replaced expectations with intentions? Do you ever really give yourself the space to observe all that you already are? I hope you do loves. It’s hard, I know, but it’s important to give yourself some time to be here before you go. So, this year I humbly offer something different… It doesn’t boast the promise of a shiny brand new you, but perhaps can expose a shinier, youier, you. So, if that sounds intriguing, here’s a manifesting manifesto you can substitute for the standard to do list for the year ahead:

1. Look back at the good, the bad and the ugly.

Fly above every month this year, starting at the beginning. Hop on to your own cozy magic carpet or hover board and soar over the days from this vast perspective. It’s often easier to spot the truth from up here, don’t be afraid to zoom in on it. Enjoy this flight over memory lane and take your time.

Salvage every sweet lesson you can from rubble, then add them to your beautiful, ever-growing collection of experiential wisdom that makes you a badass.

2. Take a breath and walk through the dark parts.

The moments you found strength you didn’t even know you had in the midst of turmoil. Offer yourself up a high five for that time you literally nailed it just when you thought you were about to crash and burn. Acknowledge your strength, heck say thank you for it… It’s pretty incredible.

3. Look at the choices you’ve made.

Observe how you felt when you made the ones that made you feel the best – bookmark that feeling for the next time you need to make a decision that your gut probably already has the answer to.

4. Look for the brightest areas.

They’re easy to find because they stand out in the sea of repetitive daily tasks. Notice how there may be only a few that really shine, yet they are enough to light up all the rest – and perhaps some of the shiniest ones even took place during those repetitive daily tasks. Let that light illuminate any areas that need it.

5. Go on a search to find any trace of regret…

Then go on a search to find three reasons to let it go. Let. It. Go. Wave to it as it floats out of your atmosphere, far, far, far away from the new year ahead. Use that space for the immense gratitude that was found with those three reasons.

6. Write stuff down that you want to remember.

Anything. Then doodle all the feelings that you want to bring with you. Add the date. Keep it. Burn it. Mail it to a friend. Make a paper plane and throw it as far as you can. The options are endless, you’ll know what to do with your art.

7. Choose your own adventure.

Trust that whatever choice you make is the best choice regardless of the outcome. Whatever it is set it in motion now. It could be a new route to your same old job or a one way ticket to Bora Bora. Google those directions or book your ticket. Get crazy, get serious or be lazy for a change, it’s your year.

8. Do something thoughtful and unexpected for someone…

Or lots of someones. Make almond butter and banana sandwiches for the neighbors. Bring some books to a local school. Teach a free class in the park. Be nice to people in traffic and let them over. Be nice to anyone you can. Write thank you cards to people who made you almond butter and banana sandwiches. Feel free to keep doing any of these things that make you and the some bodies involved smile from the inside out.

9. Take a deep breath.

Not for any reason other than to honor the space it creates. The space you have available for you at any moment you feel a bit too cluttered. Keep breathing. This is your life line, literally. This powerful resource tends to be such a part of our routine that we often underestimate it. Each breath is a fresh start as you inhale the new and exhale the old. Inhale the new and exhale the old. Inhale all the hope and light and love. Exhale all the doubt and darkness and fear. Keep. Breathing.

10. Bring your hands in front of your heart in prayer.

Bow your head.

Say thank you to yourself.

Say thank you for all the abundance you’ve gathered this year. Thank the pain, the joy, the tears, the hilarity, the calm, the chaos, the close calls, the miracles, the mysteries, the lessons, the peace, the plans that changed, the unexpected help, the defeats, the boring, the overwhelming, the days that end with ‘y’… Say thank you for it all. Say thank you for everything that’s headed your way. Say thank you that it’s going to get even better. Then say goodbye to the past year. Know that you can move forward from here with faith that each day will come, and you will be there to greet it… Ready, willing and grateful. Take a step into this brand new space in time. Remember that every single moment is an opportunity to rinse and recreate. The end of every month, day, hour or moment can be a new start or a to be continued with your consent. Trust your gut and choose your choice as often as you can, sweet ones.

Whatever you are inspired to do or not do, I hope you take a moment to gift yourself some compassion during this transition. I hope you are gentle with yourself. I hope you acknowledge how challenging it can be to simply keep going and I hope you realize how brave you are because you have. Maybe you will choose to do a little more than you think you are capable of. Maybe you will find a moment of unexpected bliss and gratitude… And maybe doing nothing to start this year will leave you feeling the best you ever have. Cheers, to your choice.


Laura Lombardi

Laura is an insatiable world traveler and adventurer. She has most recently explored New Zealand, Bali and Nepal studying ancient texts and learning from locals. She currently resides in NYC where she strives to apply those teachings as well as the many lessons she has learned from Sex and the City.

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