March to the beat of your own drummer: The benefits of non-conformity
by Samantha Levy


If you find yourself questioning your less than traditional, free-spirit, gypsy-soul kind of lifestyle, rest assured, sister: there are many a benefit to beating to the sound of your very own drummer.


Free to be.

Want to fly cross-country? Leave the country? Hell, let’s keep it simple: take off down the coast for the weekend? You can do that. Like, right now. Non-conformity can afford you the freedom to follow your souls desire at a moments notice. Beating to your own drummer entails some risky, not-always-grounded-in-reality decision-making—and as far as I’m concerned, oftentimes, that’s the best kind. And the beat goes on—and on and on and on.


Kick comparison out the door.

When you’re doing your own thing, it’s easier to avoid falling into the comparison trap. Surely you can find yourself wondering what life would look like on the straight and narrow, but for the most part you have the ability to pave a brand new path, one that’s impossible to measure up against any other because it is an exclusive mix of whatever makes your heart smile most. What a rad concept.


Opportunity knocks.

I have found that whilst I’ve been beating to my own drummer, there are heaps of cool chicas listening—and doing the funky dance—to a list of their own eclectic beats, too. This has bred connection, community and opportunities for me to collaborate with like-minded souls. Creating a symphony of lyrical wanderlust is a truly rewarding gift that continues to give and give.


You’re just being you.

No one knows how to be you better than you. And there is simply nothing in this lifetime more fulfilling than learning how to be true to your own nature. Embracing the authentic and awesome individual that you are can be a long and sometimes painful learning experience, but getting there is a journey worth taking. Sometimes our chosen paths lead us to a dead end. Well, sister, that’s when it’s time to make a U-turn and take that less traveled road you’ve been thirsting for. I can only speak from experience when I say that some of the least conventional decisions I have made for myself have, without a single doubt, been the best.


Are there times that I think a more traditional gone-down-the-road-expected-of-me kind of life would be equally as lovely? Um, yes. Most definitely. There are even times I question whether this less than conventional living has been my path by want, or by reason. Ultimately I am reminded, in someway, every day, that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. So go on with your bad self, girl. Don’t just march: dance, shimmy, strip down to your skivvies and rejoice in the beauty of being authentically and whole-heartedly you.


Samantha Levy

Samantha is an LA transplant who hails from New York. Sam traveled the globe, following her bliss to Australia before finding her serenity on the West Coast. She is now pursuing a suppressed dream of earning her master’s degree in psychology. Writing will always be her first true love, yoga her religion and friends her chosen family.

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