Keep yourself hydrated in the friendly skies
by Carlynn Woolsey

The flight is booked. Your bags are packed. A comfortable outfit selection has been made (Flats, leggings, and a cozy cardigan are always good options!). Reading materials have been acquired. So what do you have left to do before embarking on your journey? Get your hydration game plan in order!

You read that right. A hydration plan is a real thing – or at least it should be – considering the stale air and general lack of humidity in airplane cabins these days. As a result, cruising at high altitudes can dry out your mucus membranes, thus making you more susceptible to illness. It can potentially leave you feeling parched, and your skin lackluster, as well. Not to mention the fatigue that can set in when your body is dehydrated. Who wants any of that?

The good news is, you can avoid all of the above and stay hydrated naturally by stocking up on these water-laden foods and beverages before you even leave the ground! Here are a few options to consider:


(I mean, duh…) This should go without saying, but drink as much water as possible, before, during, and after you fly! Pre-packaged water bottles can be expensive, and in-flight beverage service can be unreliable, so think about investing in a [BPA-free!] water bottle that you can pack in your carry-on. Leave the bottle empty pre-security check, per TSA requirements, and fill it up once you pass through. Sip, refill, and repeat.

Coconut Water.

If you opt to buy your beverage instead, choose coconut water when available, as it will give you the most bang for your buck! Coconut water has been referred to as “dew from the heavens”, with good reason. This “dew” is not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but it boasts a high electrolyte content, which will help you to rehydrate – and stay hydrated – for the duration of your travels.

Chia Seeds.

We all know how magical these teeny-tiny seeds can be when used as ingredients (What’s up chia pudding?), but at their core, they have some otherworldly qualities, too. Dating back to ancient civilizations, chia seeds were consumed as a source of energy by runners and warriors who needed to sustain themselves for long distances and/or during battle. When battling dehydration, these seeds are advantageous as they help the body to retain moisture and regulate electrolyte balance. Eat them as a snack, sprinkled over fruit or a salad, or add them to your water bottle for a slightly gelatinous superpower-infused drink.


If you have the opportunity to eat prior to boarding – or don’t mind toting a container around – yogurt is an excellent choice. Believe it or not, this creamy treat is composed of approximately 85% water. It also contains probiotic bacteria that are beneficial in warding of illness – a major plus when sitting in those oft germ-infested cabins.

Fruits and Veggies.

Airport terminals can be tempting. So can those little menus planted in the seatback pockets of most airplanes. Maybe exhaustion has set in and you are feeling #hangry (It happens!). Or you are in “vacation mode” and eating all. the. pizza. sounds like a good idea. I am all for indulging, but if you want to feel like your best self while traveling, those items probably are not going to help you do that. Stick to what Mother Nature gave you, and nosh on a salad or individual fruits and veggies with a high water content. A few solid choices include: cucumbers, watermelon, and avocado. If you want to stash some items in your purse, cut broccoli, celery stalks and oranges are sturdy and will withstand packing woes.

Honorable Mention


Have you ever wondered why nuts used to be the snack du jour aboard an aircraft? There is an actual science behind that! Aside from being cost-effective and durable, nuts keep passengers feeling fuller, longer (And they pair nicely with those for-purchase cocktails…Ahem.). Nuts also contain a high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, which make skin supple. So while popping pistachios for example, will not exactly keep you hydrated, those babies will come in handy when you need to stave off the hunger monster, and keep your skin moisturized. Always opt for unsalted versions, as extra salt will induce thirst!

Easy, right? With some advanced planning and strategic snacking throughout your trip, you can ensure that you’ll arrive at your final destination feeling and looking fresh as a daisy!


Carlynn Woolsey

Carlynn is a Freelance Writer and Photographer, and the voice behind the blog, JJBegonia. She grew up in the restaurant industry, has traveled the world in search of the best culinary experiences, and loves all things food-related from shopping for it, to eating it! Her work has been featured on, BuzzFeed Food and The Huffington Post.

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