I AM FREE: How to Unlock the Chains of the Past
by Tiare Vincent

We all have a past, a historythat haunts us and weighs us down, various skeletons in our closets, you name it, we all have struggles. Most of us keep them shut in tight, never letting them see the light of day. However,for the lucky ones, they are able to bring them out and set them free.

It takes a lot to free yourself from your past. No matter what has happened to you, whoever wronged you, you have the power to forget ALL of that right this minute. Freedom starts from the inside and it is a journey worth taking.

Here are a few ways to unchain yourself from your past:


  • Say Goodbye to Your Inner Victim.

Oh I said, say goodbye. Remember that you are in no way a victim. If you want to live a happy, fulfilled life today, you cannot carry around the idea that you have been wronged. No matter what has happened to you, whether its your fault or not, it can all be simplified to this Itss all resentment. Luggingaround resentments towards other people will lock you in a tiny box where you cannot be yourself, let alone allow others to enjoy you. You are a walking time-bomb, and whether it’s big or small, its there. Say goodbye to the person inside you feeling that you need justification for whats happened inyour life.


  • Forgiveness.

This comes next because it relates to step one. Forgive whatever has happened to you and let it go. How does one do that? Keep practicing. Go to yoga, go for a run, write in your journal, talk to close friends or maybe even kindly confront things that are bothering you. Forgive others and forgive yourself. Why waste precious life holding on to things that happened to you? If you really want to take charge ofyour life and be free of its circumstances, you must forgive.forgive again.and then forgive yourself. Stay present to today and let go of yesterday. Each day you receive is a new opportunity to be a happier human. Keep all that negativity in the past.


  • Be Present, Plan Future Desires.

Forget yesterday and think about exactly what you have today. Make a gratitude list of 5 thingsyou are grateful for. Now beside that list, how are you feeling? How do you want to feel? I mean really sit with that. In your perfect life, what do you feel? What are you doing? Always be grateful for what you have because you never know when things can change, and alongside your gratitude, really figure out things that make you happy! What lights you up inside? Go DO those things and create a plan for how you can incorporate more of those things to create your new, happy path.


  • Surround Yourself with What You Want. Drop What No Longer Serves You.

This is all about the law of attraction. This comes down to what you dream about, who your friends are, what kind of mate you choose.all of this is an example of what you put out into the universe. Whatever you did in the past and whatever happened to you is a result of who you are. Who are you today? Who do you want to be? They say you are most like the five people you surround yourself with so think about those people remember to be with people on the same journey. People who want to improve their lives, people whoare kind and loving to those around them. Whatever doesnt mesh up with the life you want, leave it in the past. You cant carry old problems with you and expect them to change. Stick with the winners.


  • Create a Community.

Being on a solo mission to your goals is great but not as great as uplifting the ones along side you. Once you get a grip on who you are, who can you bring with you? There are people everywhere with similar aspirations that would be over-gratified to have people like you in their lives as well. Once we get free of our past, its good to give back and help encourage others to move forward with us as well.


  • Take Risks, Be a Yes.

You will never fulfill your dreams if you dont take risks! Being free of your past requires a new direction, and it requires doing things that scare you. Sometimes we play life safe in fear of failing. If we don’t try new thingsnothing ever happens, growth never happens and we live our whole life in our tiny box. Say yes more. Say yes to the scary baby steps to your dreams and although it may be difficult at first, it will help you grow and blossom to the person youre supposed to become. Once you get your feet wet in taking risks, you begin to open up to more opportunities and gain confidence. Once this happens, it will be impossible to turn back.


  • Surrender to Your New Life.

Finally, its time to surrender. Whatever happened in the past is old news and today you are living a happy, joyful life living your dreams. Its amazing how freeing life becomes when you just surrender to what is and know that whatever is supposed to happen, will happen. Surrendering is being a YES to the present moment and not needed to look back and relive whats already been done. No matter what youve had to go through, work with whats happening today. Try not to stress out if its the right path or not, just move forward and know that taking small baby steps is still leading to a great, heart-felt life. Followyour heart, because nobody else can live this life but you.


A year and a half ago I had the realization that I was living in a prison of my alcoholism. I worked hard to quit drinking, but I did it cold turkey. Then the real work started, the inside job.I didnt know what to expect and, of course, I was scared. But I knew that I had been weighed down living the way I was living. I needed a shift. I made the decisionthat instead of merely existing, I was going tolivemy life and start over. And so I took action.Little did I know, this beautiful life had been patiently waiting for my arrival.

It’s there for you too, you just have to reach for it.


Tiare Vincent

Tiare believes in embracing a passion-filled life, full of adventure. She's a yoga teacher, runner, hiker, and aspiring mountaineer who believes that life is better lived outside. She resides in Washington and is the creator of the blog Tiare Explores where she blogs about what happens when you drop what doesn't serve you, and start being a "yes" to life.

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