Grow into your Full Potential: Map it out now
by Jacqueline Smyth
Destination Coaching - Traveling Mats

For most of us, we have lofty dreams and intentions galore. Few things seduce us quite like our goals, our potential, and our secret hopes that they’re going to happen; however, in this day and age, ideas float around so freely, it can be difficult to bring those dreams to reality. However, in this day and age when ideas float around so freely, sometimes it’s really hard to bring those very dreams down to reality. They appear in the sky like an untethered balloon, and unless you bring it down to earth even just to tie it to a rock, it may very well float away. And then you go about your business, only a few months later you remember- “Oh yeah, I meant to get on that…”.

After enough fantasies come and go, and the best adventure you embarked on was to the water cooler, you must face the facts: the only person stopping you… is you.

So let’s do it. Let’s get into the habit of mapping out what you want come to fruition, shall we?

Dream Your Potential into Existence.

This is a big one. The biggest one and the one that actually matters the most. It’s about getting clear.

Get a journal, open it up, and write down what you want. Now, the truth is, we don’t always know. But give yourself a little free writing time to dream. Most likely you know the overall goal- but I want you to get specific. Write down the full vision of where you are when you have completed your mission.

(Details, details… Get as specific as you possibly can).

  • What does it look like?
  • What do you see around you?
  • What’s the weather like?
  • What are you wearing while you’re there?
  • Who else is with you?
  • How much money do you make per month?
  • How do you FEEL?

Seriously, go crazy. Dream it up.. If you’re on this website then I know for a fact you love to dream… So do it. Permission granted, and overwhelmingly encouraged.

The Feels.

You probably saw above that I highlighted the word Feel. You may have thought I was just text yelling it at you, but in reality you need to identify how you want to feel when you get where you want to go. My own personal story and the story of this very site revolve around the fact that I had spent most of my adult life in training for a specific career, and once I was on the path, it didn’t feel good.

That’s a pretty common thing in our generation- it’s why we see a lot of switching around. And we should consider ourselves lucky that we’re confident and feel free enough to do it. But to avoid that thing happening to you again- you’ve gotta know how you want to feel.

This really became clear to me, and it’s the whole mission behind The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. I only recently found this book, and it resonated so intensely because it had was how I live my life, and has been for a very long time. But what I hadn’t done is put a name to what I was doing. For better or worse, I have always been ruled by my feelings. If it doesn’t feel right, I’ll try to find a way, but I eventually let my feelings lead… Wherever it is they’d like to take me.

The power in reading and developing a ritual around it, even verbiage around it is that it helps you identify if you’re staying on track.

Example: I am driven by feeling connection. It fuels me, and I fully feel alive when I’m connected to the people around me.

The Downside: I have a natural tendency to disconnect and roll solo.

The Fix: Since I want a life of connection, but tend to solitude, I must be mindful of whether or not something gives me a sense of connection. If it doesn’t? Sorry boo, you gotta go.

I want a life of connection. When with family, with friends, while I teach, while writing, posting on social media, with a partner.

Whether it’s with friends, family, writing, teaching yoga, or falling in love, connection is the answer. And the only person who can ensure I feel that way is me.

Identify where you are.

It’s great to dream. Like, so great. But you cannot move from where you are unless you are absolutely aware of it. Your job is to make a list, side by side directly in comparison with where you’re at and what you’re main goal is.

Get super real and raw with yourself… Which, I’ll admit, can be super ugly. But if you don’t put yourself in check, if you allow yourself to sugarcoat? You won’t be able to identify a certain path.

Go take out your GPS. Put in a destination.

Do you think that if the GPS doesn’t know where to start from, it can provide the right directions to your destination?


Remove the obstacles.

You know if something is working or not. You absolutely know. And, here’s the deal, it’s hard. Like really, really hard. Not the knowing, but the doing. The work of removing is big work. People, places, situations. Anything that lowers your energy. Anything or anyone that makes you tired upon engagement. That’s your Soul speaking to you. Listen to it.

You are who you surround yourself with. If you find those people don’t believe in you or support your goals, it might be time to reconsider…

This doesn’t mean that you delete people from your life, but consider adding people who are on the same path.

There is an old saying, ‘Where the focus goes, the energy flows.’ And it’s an old saying for a reason.

Find a Hand to Hold.

Whether it’s a coach or therapist, find someone who has the history of holding people accountable. In almost every avenue of transformational processes you are assigned or you find someone to give the reigns to. Someone to talk you through. I have one. I am one. It’s a work of service, and the minute that life gets confusing and emotions run high… Well? It’s easier to have someone to walk you through. To give you a clear point of view and brush all of the clutter away.

And by the way? They can teach you how to do that as well. Don’t bear that burden alone. Allow yourself to be empowered as much as you possibly can.

Close the gap.

Now, rewrite your list starting with where you are now at the top of the page. By the time you get to the bottom, you’ll no longer list where you want to be. Instead, after giving it meaningful thought, and envisioning the new you, you’ll now write where you’re going to be.

You may not know all the steps between, but I’m sure you know some of the dots that will need to be connected, some of the steps you’ll have to take. Map it out. Give yourself room in between, and put the steps closer to the top or farther down depending… You get it.

See it. Words are almost tangible when they’re on a page. There is nothing different here than if you were to look at an actual map of where you’re gonna drive to. Believe it.

To Do’s.

Every week, give yourself 5 things you can act on to attain the next goal. This is not the ‘It’s not working so I’ll just repeat and do it over again’ step. Get creative. Go about it with different tactics. Life is an adventure, and you’ve got to choose that adventure over and over again. Let your instinct lead you, feel into what works, and don’t be afraid to try an out of the box approach.

The best things, and most memorable- the stories I’ll share when I’m a little old lady rocking in a chair with my grandkids- they’re the stories that involved a leap of faith, and led me to parts of myself I would’ve never known otherwise.

Do you, boo.

Believe you already have it.

Because you do.

You have it, you deserve it, and it’ll be one hell of an adventure getting there.

The moment you’re on the right path, the things that aren’t meant to be there- not good enough- not deserving enough- just not on the vibe you’re in the flow of- will start to fall away.

Let it happen, as it is happening for you, every step of the way.




Jacqueline Smyth

Proud mama. Destination Coach and Yoga Teacher. Writer. Traveler. Story Collector. Believer.

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