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There’s a practice where you move your body, and there’s a practice where your body moves you.

I believe in moving to the sound of my own breath and to the beat of my own body, into a space where my thoughts fall away.

Where I’m left with a clarity to see what is, in this exact moment.

My practice gifts me a calm to consciously choose how I will show up in the world around me, and the knowledge that after each and every time I come home to my mat, I am better.

I’m a better version of who I am.

And my real goal is to pay that forward… as much as I possibly can.

this is my yoga.


Group Classes

The Yoga Collective

512 Rose Ave.
Venice, CA 90291


Yoga Salt

11955 Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Private Classes

Jacqueline is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, based in Venice, California. Whether teaching private sessions to individuals or groups, or for corporate companies, all are themed with a mindset for personal growth and self knowledge. She teaches with an understanding of what you find on the mat, you take off of it as well – into your entire life. It’s about the practice of evolution that never fails.



5 Classes
10 Classes

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5 Classes
10 Classes
Book a Session

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