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Modern-day Magic: What’s inside my arsenal

I like #3 the best, ‘An array of resources available for a certain purpose’. For me, that certain purpose is always to ground. To come home to my own body in a world that sometimes, especially nowadays, moves too fast. The tools I use to come back to myself are personal, and I guess you could call them my secret weapons.

It’s funny, to fully understand how I feel about tools like this we’ve gotta go way back. When I was a little girl I grew up in a house surrounded by crystals, my mother meditating, reading my medicine cards and dropping essential oils and Bach Remedies in my water, and making me finish my ginger/apple/lemon/cucumber/who knows what juice before I could excuse myself from the dinner table. Looking back from the viewpoint of who I’ve become, I sit here and think what an awesome childhood it was, but at the time I suffered from the ‘grass is greener: teenage edition’ mindset. I just wanted to eat chips and talk on the phone and shop at Abercrombie. And I definitely thought it was weird. I was weird, and I wanted to be anyone else but who I was.

All of that took years to straighten out… Eons, really. And I guess, as oftentimes it does, life led me right back to where I started. And even in revisiting this stuff, I wasn’t one to dive in. However, when I began to explore those tools again, how I felt using them and how I felt even around them, it was like coming home to my childhood. It was nice.

I say this, because the more media that is out there, the more these things become trendy. There’s a certain amazing quality about trends- they bring things to all sorts of people. People that don’t need them, but it it brings it to people that do as well. And there’s nothing wrong and everything right about having a relationship with items. Allowing them to hold the value they should. So, before we open the vault… If you are new to these kinds of tools, get one at a time. Explore it. Learn about it. See how it feels to know if it’s for you. Because if it feels good, it instantly has meaning. And that’s what these tools need to work with you.

Most likely, if you’ve found this article?

And you’ve read this far down??

It’s calling to you.

First up, Sage.

I begin with Sage, because it’s the foundation of even the rest of the items on the list. I burn Sage at my house daily, it’s mostly known for cleansing. Spaces, items… even people. A bundle of dried Sage is a must for anyone interested in deepening their intuitive flow. It’s also used for clarity, bringing wisdom, and ritual. No joke, my morning ritual now consists of making my coffee, sitting down, lighting my sage, and pulling a tarot card. It grounds me, and just like that… Reset.


Ahhh, Tarot cards. I’ll just piggyback of the link to Sage with this one, but to be totally honest- some of my fondest memories with my mother is where she was reading my cards. I suppose there’s an element of nostalgia, but there’s also a very real element of being put in your place. In the best way. One of my favorite memes I have ever seen (but cannot find, can someone send it to me) said something to the effect of:

What you think Tarot will be: Telling your whimsical mystical future

What Tarot actually is: Oh shit! I just got called out by a deck of cards.

It’s no joke. It has nothing to do with your future or psychic abilities. Somehow the elements of what you are going through right now will inevitably pop up. So it becomes this nice Universal straight talk. You know how if someone hits the nail on the head and calls you on some bullshit in a firm comfortable way, you get it. And it actually creates space to move forward?

Yep. That’s my relationship to Tarot.

Some of my favorite things to ask?

  • Who do I need to show up as today for my life?
  • What should I be focusing on?
  • Show me what I need to see today.

Shuffle them evenly. To clear them you can knock three times on the pile, or Sage them. There is no topic off limits, and believe me, it’s always centering. Get a little playful.


As I said above, I was SURROUNDED by stones in my Mom’s house. SURROUNDED. Huge quartz in the corners, amethysts in the bookshelves, pyrite in the bathroom. Surrounded. So I actually had the most metal pushback on these through my journey back.

I have crystals now, but I really love teeny ones. I love putting a small Tiger’s Eye in my wallet to ground my money energetically. I love putting a small Moonstone in my pocket to protect me in travel. But that’s how I use them. Ways that nobody else would see, but there’s a whole lot of intention behind.


This one has become a big one this year. With breath work, whether it’s a moving meditation or sitting on my meditation cushion (my fave cushion is by Samaya, and I use it daily), it gives me the much needed space I need. If you are feeling lost in rough and tumble- take a moment, don’t put any pressure on. Just a few breaths.

My greatest tip?

Close your eyes. (Do it)

As you breathe in, silently say to yourself:  I am breathing in.

As you breathe out: I am breathing out.

Try it now, I’ll wait.


See? Sorry, I had to put a picture in the way so you’d be more likely to do it.

I love this small gesture so very much.

If you come to my classes, you hear this a lot, and it’s because it works. It instantly turns breathing into a mindful experience. And anything that’s done mindfully is meditation. You probably just saw how it changes the way you breathe, and that’s only by putting a little intention behind it. Can you imagine what the rest of your actions would look like if you did the same? Start here. It’s a good place to start.

Essential oils.

I hated these growing up. Hated. I mention it now, because I honestly never thought how funny it is, the dichotomy of a teenager’s brain. I suppose we all rebel, and I definitely did, but if I would have thought to myself “Gee Jackie, in 15 years you’ll be not only using these, but enjoying them enough to write a public essay about it all”, my head would’ve legit exploded. Sorry for the long winded teen angst rant. Back to the oils:

I don’t use these a bunch, most of them don’t resonate with me. And I suppose that’s my favorite practice about any of the things of this list. If you go and smell the testers of oils without looking at what they’re for? The ones that resonate with you, are the ones without a doubt you’ll most likely need. Same exact thing with Crystals.

It’s my favorite. And it’s a great place to let your intuition lead.

My pick for oils? Rose hip for my face. So good for regenerating cells.

Frankincense for my mind. It’s known for the Spiritual Good and for Purity. Place a few drops in your left palm, cover it  loosely with your right palm (think oyster), take a few deep breaths letting the oil ground (same same for your energy), rub your hands quickly together heating them up (10 seconds), and then place your hands over your nose and mouth. Breathe.

You can use that exercise with any oil you like.

There are a ton of tools and tips that are not on this list, but these are the ones I’ve come to rely on. They suit me.

And I hope they suit you too.



PS- I’d love to know your favorite from your own list! Any suggestions we need to try? Leave them below ;)

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  1. Ashley

    Hey! Can you share where you order your Frankincense oil?


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