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Getting to know Lady Luna: the meaning behind the phases of the moon

‘The Sun sees your Body, The Moon sees your Soul’

The Moon is something quite spectacular, wouldn’t you agree? Watching her glow through her phases, dancing to her own rhythm, and smoothly moving on her own disciplined agenda month after month would be enough to make anyone take pause… But she also has the magical effects of pulling the tide in and out, inciting the craziest experiences as she shines the fullest, and well.. anything that the flow of my own body is literally synched to?

Intrigued is an understatement.

When I started to work with the Moon, it was by going to Women’s Circles. I was in awe of the experience, the adrenaline that rushed through on the night of the Full Moon as we all sat around lit by candles, laughing and crying our way through our stories, the deepest corners of ourselves revealed. Yet by the time we were leaving hours later, we were all even more energized and full of life. Merely tapping into this avenue of energy made me feel really inspired, and really connected. So like any investigative gypsy journalist of the soul, I wanted to know more. And the more I learned, the more I took pause.

Like a total boss, the Moon pulls the tides in and out of the entire ocean based on where she’s at… comparatively, I’m just a tiny human. Even her orbit- at 100x slower than Earth’s is synched so perfectly that we only ever see the same exact side of her. She never spins her face away. Most likely even your Moon cycle (see?) is 28 days just as the Lunar cycle. She represents the feminine in astrology, and to take that idea further it’s a well known fact that we, as women, bleed with the New Moon and ovulate when the Moon is full. My body cycles with a planet (I say as my eyes grow wide). An entire planet!! Even that idea just makes me feel… I don’t know exactly… Strong? Liberated? Definitely sexy. And definitely a little magical. Are you sensing a theme here? There are far too many dots to connect, or even state them here in a smooth manor, but like I said, when I started researching I was amazed at what I found.

When I sat back and looked at all the morsels of information, I realized that’s mostly physical. Although I do not believe in coincidence, these are all tangible pieces of information we can document. What about forces unseen?I love what lives under the surface… The subtle body, human behavior. And so I started to look into the deeper meanings behind the push and pull of the Moon and my own personal energy. What I found, more often than not, was what I am going through- mentally and emotionally- reflects, with a whole lot of stunning synchronicity, what Ms. Moon is up to. And if that’s the case for me, then it may be the case for you.

We are women, we are emotional beings… consider putting these in your astrological tool belt for when you need a quick fix, or even just the support of the ether. When I know I’m not alone, it does wonders. And who better to have your back than the Moon herself?

Without further adieu… Here are the 8 phases of the Moon. May you use them, learn from them, and give back to them- even if it’s only a wink up to the dark sky every now and again.


the 8 phases of the moon

New Moon

The New Moon

The New Moon occurs on the first day of the Lunar 28 day cycle, and it’s actually not visible to our eyes. Even in most of the Moon cycle photos on the Internet, it’s not featured because we see only the dark side of the moon, likening it to the planting of a seed. Dark soil, far below the surface, a new intention begins to brew. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? To allow room to just sit with a seed planted, no rush to make it grow, no yelling out “Hey!! Hey, YOU! There’s a seed being planted!!”. You don’t need to know what you want right now. Give yourself the time and space to feel into it. This is your journey. Sit with it.

Mindset: Inception, Clean Slate, Possibility.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon

Now here’s the part of the journey where you can begin to take the bull by the horns a bit. You can fully claim what you want, at any point any time, but the energy is the most fertile to do so now. It’s okay to say what you want and it’s okay to start over, to work with the energy that the world offers. Write it down even. The Moon’s energy is there to boost your natural flow if you let it.

Mindset: Claiming what you want, Intentions, Hopes/Dreams/Wishes… Optimism at it’s best.

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon

Also known as the Half Moon, as you can see why in the photo above, it occurs around 7 days after the new moon. In any journey of any kind, we hit bumps in the road. You may experience internal turmoil or external struggle in our actions. Here’s the thing… Those bumps are meant to drive you further. Always. It’s a part of the process, and if you span out big time and look at the big picture, this would be the part of the movie that the plot begins to thicken. You begin to learn what it takes to walk the path. Maybe the road isn’t steady. Maybe you trip a bot. But you also always have the power to decide if you’re going to keep walking…

One. Step. At. A. Time.

Mindset: Fuck this, It’s too hard, The ‘I don’t wanna’s & ‘Maybe this isn’t for me’s, Road Blocks, Doubts and those gross Fears.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Waxing Gibbous Moon

We’ve all had gnarly breakups, right? I want you to think of your worst feeling breakup to date. If I think back, it takes me to my early 20’s, breaking up with a boyfriend I had lived with for years. I was bedridden (no joke, I’m a hopeless romantic like that) for about 2 weeks. I literally thought that the heartbreak would never go away. Read all the Twilight books and cried in the rain. You know… early 20’s stuff. However, one of the most tangible memories I have in the course of my entire life would be the morning I woke up, turned on the TV to some music videos (lightyears ago, right?) and I start to dance. Out of nowhere. Around my whole entire house, music blasting, and I had the thought, ‘I haven’t felt this free in forever’. It was the new leaf turning over. I danced. And then I began to do that every single day… And I’m still doing it.

The Waxing Gibbous is just that. The part where you go, ‘Okay, I get it, I think I can do it… and Imma roll with it’.

Mindset: Reset, Recharge, Accommodating a new reality with all those obstacles taken into account.

Full Moon

The Full Moon

Boom. Energy of all kinds peak during this time: Emotional. Physical. Mental. Setting an intention at the Full Moon doesn’t mean that the intention comes within the 2 weeks to the Full Moon. It does, however, mean that that seed is in full harvest mode. It’s a great time to acknowledge what you need to release, even if it’s just acknowledging the breakdowns. I like to take it as another clean slate: A time to take in the progress of the world around you. Women’s emotions naturally go on high, revel in it. The Moon reflects the feminine side of Astrology, howl at it if you have to… it’s what it’s there for.

My favorite rituals? Women’s circles (obvi), taking that piece of paper that you wrote down your intention on? Burn it. Get in a bath. Release whatever you want to release. It’s your world. You are woman… we should hear you roar.

Mindset: Primal. Empowered. Full. Reenergized. Lioness mode.

Waning Gibbous Moon

The Waning Gibbous Moon

Otherwise known as the Disseminating Moon, it’s a time to go inward. Not with any friction, but to show and find a deep appreciation of the process. It’s a time when I like to reach out for support with the people that I know have my back, and share. It’s also a time when I like to give support to the people I love. Even if it’s only a ‘Hello, I’m thinking of you… Do you need anything?’ Putting yourself out there is acting in good faith to the Universe, but it’s also a really good reminder that we are all in a constant energy flow and you’re not the only person who’s on a path. Give love. Doesn’t matter if you get it back. Give it.

Mindset: Community. Gratitude. Support. We are all in this, we might as well be in it together.

Third Quarter Moon

The Third Quarter Moon

Empty yourself now. Thoughts, judgements, and expectations. Here’s the deal: We want what we want. Doesn’t mean that we should get it… It also doesn’t mean that it’s on our Soul’s Path. The Universe is always moving you forward. Sometimes we like it, sometimes we think we know better. We don’t. This is the part where you get complete with what comes your way. Leave room for it working out, and otherwise. That’s where the magic comes in… Allow the space to be surprised.

Mindset: Release the grip. Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever goes let it go. Your only job is to look with awareness.

The Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon

Take pause. The cycle is nearly over, it’s almost similar to the hibernation that occurs for animals preparing for winter. Take refuge in releasing, a completion of the cycle in mind, body and soul. Still waters, oh they can run so deep. It’s a good time for great book, early morning walks with nothing but the sound of your neighbourhood, and getting quiet with mediation. Not everything has to be full force, in fact the quieter you become, the more you can hear.
Mindset: Let it marinade. You’ve done so well… Take note of it.

The Wrap up

The phases of the Moon can reflect a lot of things… A goal or intention, the ebb and flow of the changing seasons… Even just the way the tide breaks. The stillness moves to a call to action, then forward motion ensues, the break of the wave, how it crashes down… and yet it delicately keeps on moving. Softly peaking at the shore and reaching out before slowly retreating back. Right to the depths that it started from.

It’s all energy. It’s all a well oiled cycle. And it’s hear for us to learn from.




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