Your New Year’s Ritual DELIVERED!
by Jacqueline Smyth

hey there, love…

Well, well, well! We have officially arrived at the end of 2018. First off, let me congratulate you for a job well done. This year has really been something- and really, it’s been so much of something, that every time someone asks me how my year was, I feel a quizzical look fall upon my face, brow in full furrow, gaze shifting upward, and a slight nod of my head as I slowly exhale with an “…It… was… innnteresting.”

Let me just tell you first, overall- my year was rad. I fell in love, and had an epic idea that I promptly acted on for the Site, watched all of that come to life, and had a few experiences that made me know, without fail, that I am walking the path that I’m meant to.

On the flip side… like woah. I had experiences in business and community that had me shut down in fear and protection, put major walls up and take 10 steps back- and watch things happen in life that had me question my trust in the world around me – both directly and also in the lives of many.

I guess to sum it up, in my experience, I’ve never seen such a mixed bag of emotions contained in just one year.

And as I heard stories from friends, and stumbled upon meme after meme on the internet, I realized that I was far from alone.

But here’s the thing about obstacles; they too are steering your course. Often times, they are the experiences and periods of time that we look back on with more gratitude than the rest. Because those moments are our teachers.

The Ritual and Meditation below are here for you to release, renew, and look forward- because I have a really good feeling about the year ahead, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.


what you’ll need

  • 2 sheets of paper & pen
  • A lighter or matches
  • Either a glass or metal bowl (for burning one piece of paper)
  • An envelope
  • The Meditation posted below.

Do the meditation FIRST. It’s important to come from a balanced, positive, spacious headspace when doing any osrt of ritual to move you forward. When you’re ready, click and listen. And then follow the Ritual below.


the meditation

the ritual

Read the Part 1 and Part 2 before writing.

Part 1

As you look back over the year- what didn’t work for you? Whenever we come into conflict with the world around us- whether it’s obvious to others, or just a feeling within ourselves, there is what happened- but in the scenario of what happened, we always have a hand.

You can’t create anything in life, unless you own that you create everything. This is an empowered state of being. So what ways of being do you not want to carry forward?

There are the more obvious choices such as fear, judgement, feeling lost or that you don’t belong. But what about things that are stewing just below the surface? Being a gossip, thinking we know more than anyone else, not being authentic, or being scared to just be ourselves?

We’ve all got them. We’re human after all. What are the ways of behavior that you know do not serve you or the world around you?

Be specific.

Part 2

So now for the Manifesting…

On your second sheet of paper, I want you to write yourself a letter. From the future you one year from today. Yes, yes… a bit witchy I know, but there’s absolute power in using verbiage like “this year you (fill in the blank), and (fill it in again), you felt absolute freedom in living, found (fill in the blank) that lit your passions on fire and made you money”, etc. etc. you get the picture.

What makes this easy for me, is that I write the things I’m calling in in bullet point form. I believe that the how is the magical part the Universe, so when I write in bullet point- it removes any certain way that I think what I want should happen.

Put anything and everything on this list. This is not the time to edit.

The moment that you find yourself wanting something, it’s because it’s the same moment you begin to summon that thing to you. This is how energy works.

Release the bad shit, make room mentally for all the good. Because you deserve the good.

the practice

Write both of the Parts above out.

To your list of things you want to let go of, you burn. And as you burn, please read the below (either silently, but you know I push for the out loud).

To these defects of my character,

I thank you for your job, and acknowledge that you arose mostly out of fear. I want you to know I know that you are only trying to protect me, but you cannot come with me any further. I can’t carry both you and what I want at the same time. And so I make the choice now to let you stay right where you are. I release you.

You say that “I release you” as many times as you need to before you can feel it in your bones.

Now read your letter that you write to yourself out loud, if you feel shaky, read it again. Same thing, feel it in your bones.

And now fold it up, and place it inside the envelope. And after sealing, repeat after me:

“and so it is.”

Happy New Year to you. I believe 2019 is gonna be epic, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you.



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